AURIS KU is fair fashion jewelry.

Modern and playful, for everyday wear.
All manufactured in Vienna, AURIS KU is putting value into good materials and workmanship, with the aspirations tobecoming an alternative to the cheap mass production in the fashion jewelry industry. 
With its primary focus on small unique series the brand works with different materials and colors while keeping its aesthetic line: bold shapes, in every shade.
During my studies of jewelry and object design I have started gravitating away from single piece, fine metal jewels towards fashion jewelry, due to its wide range of materials and design possibilities. 
Since than it has been some years of experimenting with different kinds of material, different machines and tecniques till it became todays product range.
I desire to create jewelry which makes its wearer feel good, a little special and inspire to dress up.

With this inspirations, I singlehandedly create AURIS KU jewelry from idea and through self-production. The materials that I cannot produce on my own, I source from other small-scale European jewelers. By carefully curating every supplier in my production chain, I am able to guarantee you ethically produced jewelry.

From me, to you, for us.

If you have any questions, compliments or complaints - please, do not hesitate! Click on your preferred method of comfortable communication.

🤍 Auris